Hi Guys!  This week was SO busy – thanks for showing us the love!  So I have catch up on a few things!  First things first.  Visit the link on our page for the Tax Heiress Tax Stimulus.  We’ve had a few winners since my last blog, and I promise that I will post their pics!  Congrats to Ara S., Johnny M., Tiffany C., and Dana D. who are all Tax Heiress Tax Stimulus Weekly Gift Card winners!

I made a decision – I am extending the Mega Prize Drawing to March 15 to allow taxpayers who couldn’t file until this week because of the IRS Sch A issue to have a chance to win. This Saturday was the last weekly drawing – I will announce the winner on Monday on my FB Page.  If you haven’t done so already ‘like’ Buffie the Tax Heiress, LLC on FB and friend Buffie Purselle for tax updates and other contests.

Speaking of other contests, I’d like to congratulate Marcus G. for being our 1st ‘Like It’ Facebook Page Contest Winner!  Marcus won a $100 Visa Gift Card simply by ‘liking’ our FB page!  And now he has decided to file with us too!  I’d also like to congratulate Kevin B. for winning an IPOD Touch from yours truly simply by filing on Saturday February 19!  The weather was so gorgeous that I had to draw a name from all of the people who filed with us on Saturday and give something away!  I LOVE to give things away to my valuable clients!

Ok back to business…  If you filed this week because you had itemized deductions you should expect delays in your refund.  Monday was the first day in the country that anyone itemizing could file their return electronically and the IRS is struggling to keep up with the HUGE demand.  If you were expecting a refund on Feb 25 I am willing to bet that you probably won’t see it until the next week’s deposit schedule which is March 4.  I  want to prepare you just in case!

Our television ads starting airing this week!  Tell me what you guys think?  Special thanks to Michael Morris of M. Crisler Designs for helping us with our ad for Bravo.  I’d also like to thank Mariah from Ru Paul’s Drag Race for starring in our “Do You Have the Tax Heiress?” ad and for doing my hair!  Thanks to Keitric Starks – super star makeup artist to the stars for making me pretty for the commercial and for being in the ad!  And thank you guys – the demand was so high during the ads that our site crashed!  I was happy/worried, but the issue has been resolved and we have been assured that the site will not go down again no matter how much activity it gets.  Thanks for notifying me of the problem.  I really appreciate it!

Last but not least back by popular demand I announced my Summer Heiress Academy Schedule this week!  Register today for one of our innovative seminars!  Crawl Before You Walk is our most popular!  Learn how to stop the cycle of living from paycheck to payday loan to paycheck!  You will also learn how to rebuild your credit and how to finally start saving!  Our Small Business Boot Camp is also very popular – be prepared to work! This seminar is four hours long but I promise when you leave you will know everything that you need to know to start your business off on the right foot!  And we have a new seminar for high school seniors to help them get ready for college and end the debt trap known as STUDENT LOANS!!!

Enjoy your weekend and I hope to see you guys in the next few weeks to file your taxes!


Buffie the Tax Heiress