Last month we talked about getting started with social media (making a plan, deciding who will do the work, and choosing your platforms). This month I want to offer some additional advice for building your social media presence. Here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind and some suggestions for building your following lists.


  • Remember that every post reflects on your business.
  • Have a detailed profile and bio. When someone clicks on your profile, they want to know information about your business such as location(s), how long you’ve been in business, what goods or services you provide, and contact information.
  • Focus on your target audience. You already have an idea of who your target audience is and chose your platform accordingly, now be sure your content continues to be directed at them.
  • Post content in varying formats and from diverse Keep your timeline fresh and engaging by rotating between blogs, videos, gifs, graphs, and infographics from multiple sources.
  • Add your own voice to portray orenticity. The personality of a small business is its biggest asset. By adding a touch of personality to your content you make your business more relatable and approachable. Not sure where to start? Share something you enjoyed reading, then give a quick opinion about it and ask what others think.


  • Refrain from specific political and ideological posts and statements (unless they are a basis for your business) to prevent isolating or offending clients and customers.
  • Post links you haven’t double checked. You don’t want to direct your followers to a broken link, “404” page, or *gasp* spam!
  • Have a negative attitude or make negative remarks. Tantrums and fits are for toddlers, not businesses. You can still state that you don’t like something or disagree in a professional manner.

Who to Follow?

Your business should follow relevant trade publications, related businesses (such as your suppliers), individuals who are a success in your field (such as celebrities), and local businesses (who will often reciprocate promotions, etc.). These accounts will help you remain knowledgable about what is occurring in your industry and your neighborhood. Engage with these accounts by commenting, sharing your insight, encouraging, and congratulating when necessary. These accounts can also inspire you to try something new with your business, such as participating in a local job fair or building a promotion around a new product release from one of your suppliers. You probably don’t want to specifically follow your competitors but you should still keep an eye on them. Take notice of which strategies they employ that are successful and which are not. Learn from their mistakes!

I’ve found much success, both personally and professionally, from social media and am offering this advice because I want everyone else to have these great opportunities as well. When used correctly, social media can reap big networking, communications, and marketing rewards for small businesses. Take your business’ social media to the next level to interact with your community, current and potential clients, and/or establish a new revenue stream.

Successful businesses don’t settle…that includes your social media! Stop taking weeks between posts! Quit making duplicate posts! Give your clients interesting useful information on a regular basis! Post about your personal life from time to time. You will lose your audience if you are always posting about business ONLY. I have lots of people tell me that I share too much of my life on social media.  My response is always “how do you know that?”  Obviously, it’s because they follow me, lol.  You can stick your nose in the air in regards to Kim Kardashian West’s success if you want to but I would strongly advise against it.  She earned 53 Million dollars last year and recently graced the cover of Forbes.  Her use of social media to promote her personal brand is enviable and deserves to be researched.  ijs…

Now that you have a social media foothold, it’s time to use some of my tips to take the next steps and maximize your business’ impact!