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The End of the Electric Car Tax Credit in Georgia


As the Tax Heiress, I love to share all the latest Tax Accountant in Atlanta gossip and, this year, one interesting topic is electric car credits.

Many electric cars are more expensive than their gasoline counterparts. Small two-door models often sell in the $20-30,000 price range. But that hasn’t stopped them from selling like hot […]

Prom Expenses Reveal a National Spending Crisis

Prom – the glitter, the glam, the…. $1,000 bill???

According to an annual survey conducted by Visa, most families plan on spending about $900 to send a perfectly coiffed teen off to the prom. Families with a household income of less than $25,000, however, take it a bit further. On average, they plan to spend […]

Bloggers, Crowdfunding and Taxes – Oh My!


Today I want to blog about blogs. Fitting, no?

In this day and age, blogs aren’t just another web tool used by people and businesses to share content… although that is how I like to use this blog! For many, blogs can become little businesses themselves.

Most people don’t make anything from their blog. It’s just […]

Paying Taxes as a Small Business Owner


I think it’s time for me to reveal my number one tip for owning and operating a small business since it’s tax season for businesses as well as individuals and I am a small business owner myself. Ready? Here it is…

Don’t mess with IRS.

Why is that so so so important, you ask? It’s simple. […]

Here’s the Skinny on the Special Enrollment Period

April has arrived – thank goodness! That means it’s time to address some more of the biggest tax issues of 2015! At the top of that list is the end of the official Open Enrollment Period for health insurance and the tax penalties that can arise when a taxpayer has failed to properly enroll […]

Tax Returns for TV & Film Creatives


Earlier this month, I discussed that our beloved city is now becoming a film and tv production hub! We welcome the new jobs, celebrity sightings, and revenue!

Individuals involved with the making of TV and films here in Georgia – and there are many of you – need to pay particular attention to their tax […]

Why Visit Buffie the Tax Heiress LLC?

LGBT Couples and Taxes

Greetings and CONGRATULATIONS to all of the newlywed, first-time joint filers out there!

Getting married means becoming eligible for a whole slew of tax break opportunities! Woo hoo! Taking advantage of all the tax write-offs you have access to just for being part of a married couple just makes good financial sense!

Generally speaking, joint tax […]

Film and TV Tax Credits in GA


It’s the height of tax season once again, my lovelies! The most fabulous time of the year in my book, as you know. Let’s talk about the Peach State’s tax policies when it comes to another one of my favorite things… I’m talking about entertainment!

The Hollywood of the South. ATLwood. Y’allywood. Call it what […]

Mourn the loss of the Big E’s

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas… SO!  Don’t get sucked into the super emotional ads that will begin to infiltrate your television screen. You know the ads where the family has a Charlie Brown looking tree and then miraculously after Dad gets a shiny new Visa card the house is instantly transformed […]