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Prom Expenses Reveal a National Spending Crisis

Prom – the glitter, the glam, the…. $1,000 bill???

According to an annual survey conducted by Visa, most families plan on spending about $900 to send a perfectly coiffed teen off to the prom. Families with a household income of less than $25,000, however, take it a bit further. On average, they plan to spend […]

Bloggers, Crowdfunding and Taxes – Oh My!


Today I want to blog about blogs. Fitting, no?

In this day and age, blogs aren’t just another web tool used by people and businesses to share content… although that is how I like to use this blog! For many, blogs can become little businesses themselves.

Most people don’t make anything from their blog. It’s just […]

2015 Tax Refund Delay


Long time no blog!  Hey, no judgement – I have a lot going on these days!  Tax season just officially ended on October 15. First, let me address the pink elephant in the room, my inbox is full of messages about an article posted by the National Report that indicates that tax year 2015 […]

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