I think it’s time for me to reveal my number one tip for owning and operating a small business since it’s tax season for businesses as well as individuals and I am a small business owner myself. Ready? Here it is…

Don’t mess with IRS.

Why is that so so so important, you ask? It’s simple. You don’t mess with them, they don’t mess with you. In fact, they might even help you out with a bunch of small-business-owners-only deductions!

Maybe you’ve been running your business for years. Maybe this past year was the year of your grand opening. Maybe what you thought was your hobby somehow became your business and now you’ve got a lot questions rattling around your head such as…

  • “Do I need a federal tax ID?”
  • “How do I GET a federal tax ID?”
  • “Can my home office be a tax deduction? It’s part of my business!”
  • “Why do I have to pay a self-employment tax???”

And, of course…

  • “How do I OWE money? What happened to my old friend, Tax Refund Check?”

I can help you find the answers to ALL of these questions and get you on the path to success in dealing with the IRS! Unless you’re uncovering and taking advantage of every deduction available to you and your particular business, you could be cheating yourself out of hundreds and hundreds of dollars in revenue. For example, plenty of small business people think to report the price of new computers and telephones to the IRS in order to collect a tidy business equipment deduction. Plenty of small business people fail to report other equally important expenses such as travel costs (including hotel stays!), furniture costs, software installation costs, job-related gifts and meals and much more.

A lot of small business owners consider folks that provide services for them as contractors instead of employees because there are no payroll taxes to pay. Darlings, you need to remember one thing – If it quacks like a duck then it’s a duck! If hire someone, pay them an hourly wage or salary, tell them when and where they should be, then they are an EMPLOYEE!! Don’t get yourself in a world trouble with the state and IRS by treating them as contractors. Stop listening to your friends who think that they know tax law. ONLY listen to your Tax Heiress! Dealing with payroll taxes and the state of Georgia isn’t challenging at all when you have a savvy tax accountant.

If you want to make a sound investment in your small business, consider hiring a trustworthy, professional tax accountant such as myself to help you run your business legitimately and negotiate your dealings with the IRS. Don’t you want to be able to sleep at night??? My team and I have been helping Atlanta businesses and entrepreneurs communicate with the IRS for over fifteen years.

We can help you pay any back taxes you may find yourself facing and settle your IRS liability for a fraction of what the competition charges. There are no hidden fees and NO shockingly steep hourly rates… One question you won’t be asking yourself when you work with the Buffie team: “You charge WHAT to look over last year’s tax documents?” Now, Mama isn’t cheap but, hey, you get what you PAY for, boo boo! J

Our goal is to make this process as stress-free as possible. There’s really nothing we love more than encouraging fellow small business owners!


Buffie the Tax Heiress