Earlier this month, I discussed that our beloved city is now becoming a film and tv production hub! We welcome the new jobs, celebrity sightings, and revenue!

Individuals involved with the making of TV and films here in Georgia – and there are many of you – need to pay particular attention to their tax return or else miss out on some amazing savings opportunities! If you’re a cameraman, makeup artist, set designer, hairstylist, grip, script supervisor, or some other kind of behind-the-scenes creative, you should know that your tax return shouldn’t look like everybody else’s. Well, to me, no two tax returns are exactly alike, but yours are especially specialized!

Have you ever had trouble explaining to a tax accountant what a kit fee is? Or why you receive rental income for the use of your kit? Have trouble explaining that you have to research the films that you are making? Are you sick of telling tax preparers why you have fifteen W2s and why you worked in six different states? Did your tax preparer tell you that you can’t deduct the cost of makeup that you purchased even though you are a professional makeup artist?

The good news is that I, Buffie the Tax Heiress, just so happen to be a TV & Film tax expert. Call sheets, loan outs, union dues – these terms are not unfamiliar to me and my team! No matter how complex you reckon your tax returns might be this year, I promise we can untangle them together. Whether you’ve got multiple state returns to fill out or an impressive laundry list of business expenses, I’ll do my best to dig up every possible deduction!

Schedule an appointment or come by one of convenient branch locations today to discover all the ways it pays to hire a film and tv tax expert. We understand your long hours and busy schedule so if you need to file for a tax extension to give you time to assemble your tax documents let us know and we will take care of it! I promise that working with team Tax Heiress is easier than working with a typical TV diva!


Buffie the Tax Heiress