If you need Help! The Tax Heiress is not your typical tax office. Help is on the way, feel free to come for a visit at our two locations. Buffie Purselle has tax video information on youtube, an ebook and programs for you to deal with audits and bookkeeping needs.

We are not your typical tax service!  We pride ourselves on being the first Green Tax Practice! We believe in the importance of protecting our planet’s resources and want to share our ideas on how you can join the cause! Tax practices must retain copies of all source documents that clients provide each tax season. Most practices make copies of documents and print multiple copies of tax returns. At BtTH, we store all source documents electronically and provide our clients with secure digital copies of their tax returns rather than making paper copies. Our practice utilizes state of the art technology to acquire necessary signatures to send tax forms electronically to the IRS. This practice saves an estimated 50,000 sheets of paper per office each year. We also use a document shredding and recycling service for any waste paper that is produced. And we recycle! We are constantly thinking of new ways to keep our practice green and we encourage you to do the same!