Hola Tax Fam!

What would you say if I told you that as a small business owner, you should watch more TV? You’d say “I don’t have time to watch TV!” Well, I’m not saying you should watch just any TV show, but you absolutely HAVE to watch The Profit on CNBC. Each episode is like attending class in business school!

This reality show isn’t like those other tomfoolery shows with roses, table flipping, and wig pullin’. It’s about actually saving small businesses and creating jobs in our great country. The show’s star, Marcus Lemonis, (aka my mentor even though he doesn’t know it – YET) is currently the chairman and CEO of Camping World and Good Sam Enterprises. You may remember him from NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, where he hosted marketing related challenges for charity. On The Profit, Marcus hunts for promising small businesses and puts his own money on the line to save them. Going into the show’s fourth season this summer, Marcus has already invested over $35 million in businesses featured on the program! Yes, you read that correctly he invested $35 MILLION of his own COINZ! Well, I guess if it’s $35 million the colloquial term coinz can’t really be used, lol.

Most recently on The Profit, Marcus assisted entrepreneurs at charity-centric Flex Watches, intervened at a Milwaukee-based chain of soup restaurants (watch this episode first because it’s EVERYTHANG), and saved a Los Angeles clothing brand called DiLAscia. I bought like seven tees from the company and I am happy to report that an XL fits a buxom, busty gal like myself well! Different circumstances had caused each of the businesses to spiral. From death of business partners to wasteful spending, Marcus confronts everything these business owners are facing and shows them how to get back on track for success in a very professorial but entertaining way. He keeps it real, doesn’t take crap, and curses like a sailor (I LOVE this because I just don’t trust non-cursing people). He really understands that a financial statement doesn’t explain everything that is going on in a business. He understands that it’s not always about what it’s about, and he works hard to determine what’s really at the core of the problems in the businesses featured. Sometimes when you see that an owner has been using company money (aka embezzlement) for personal expenses, it’s not because the owner is shady. It could just be because the owners haven’t paid themselves from the business. Having said that, sometimes folks are up to no good, and Marcus quickly gets them in line!

Even more amazing is that Marcus live tweets each Tuesday during the show and actually responds to folks! I remember the first time that he retweeted me. Chile, you would think that Oprah called me or something the way that I reacted!! It makes the experience of watching the show and learning how to run a small business fun and interactive. When else will you ever have a chance to ask someone with Marcus’ experience and credentials a question about your business for FREE? Ya’ll know you have to pay me for these same questions, and I am happy to take your money. But, I strongly suggest that you binge watch all three prior seasons and the most recent episodes of this season of The Profit on the CNBC.com ASAP! You will be pleasantly surprised how much you learn.

Okay that’s it. I’m telling you…watch live on Tuesdays, follow me @taxheiress, Marcus Lemonis @marcuslemonis, and the show @TheProfitCNBC on Twitter and join in our fun commentary whilst watching the show. Marcus is hilarious, and we all know that I can kiki! If you don’t have Twitter, roll out from that rock you have been under and get an account or just follow us on Facebook – @buffiethetaxheiress, @marcus.lemonis, and @TheProfitCNBC. This is reality TV that small business owners can’t afford NOT to watch!


Buffie Purselle